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Are you running out of party ideas? You do not have to disappoint your kids and guests because here are many ideas that you can try. Check out the following ideas to unleash your creativity when it comes to cakes. Cake Ideas for Memorable Occasions You Should Not Miss

  1. Birthday cake ideas for girls. For your daughter, you can create a castle cake made up of two either square or round sponge cakes. You can cover this with fondant, water icing, or butter cream. For the turrets, you can use ice cream sugar cones placed upside down. Sprinkle with some sweets or more icing.
  2. Halloween cake ideas. If you want to go for an impressive cake, consider the skull concept.  Two chocolate sponges shaped like ovals are needed. These can be covered with white icing then added with spoonful scoops of icing placed on eye and nose hollows. Another option is the popular pumpkin concept where you will also need two sponge cakes in circular shape. Or you can use cupcakes to create the monster and devils theme.
  3. Graduation cake ideas. To mark the event, use a chocolate roulade cake frosted in white then designed with a scrolled diploma. Another option is the photo cake where you need some school photos. These need to be airbrushed then placed on the cake’s center. One more idea is the yearbook theme which uses two rectangular shaped cakes arranged to look like pages. Funny observations and quotes can be added as designs.
  4. 21st birthday cake ideas. There are two ways on how your cake can rock that party like a pro. First is to set a glass filled with beverage of choice in the middle of the cake. Instead of blowing out the birthday candles, you can just make the birthday boy/girl drink the beverage. Second is to put pictures that fit the personality then decorated with spiked frosting.
  5. Birthday cake ideas for men. Fun ideas are to have the cake shaped or designed with pictures or shapes from his favorite sports, games, and hobby. You can create cakes designed like a golf ball/field, target board with some darts, baseball bat, or a ball cap. If you want the cake to reflect his profession, think about the important tools and equipments he uses at work. For example, a toolbox for a handyman or a calculator for an accountant.

Have you found one that you will use for kids party ideas or ones where you celebrate with grown ups? You no longer have to be stuck with the basic or the traditional cakes because you have a chance to customize and personalize these. Explore your creativity with these birthday cakes ideas anytime you need them.